Garden Pavilion

Kensington, London

This new Garden Pavilion tea room is planned as an additional functions room to a Kensington hotel reception area. It is designed as a contemporary form, to replace the existing garden structure and to compliment the existing rear of hotel in its private garden setting.

It uses an innovative pre-formed timber structure to create a unique new function room full of light, overlooking the mature garden. Acoustic and Lighting Design controls are an important and integral part of this sustainable design.

The new structure has an organic interior wooden form to integrate it into the garden setting and the green planted roof drains into a water recycling pond. The design is swept around the existing tall mature tree which is a key focal point of this design at one with Nature.

The project was invited for exhibition in the Royal
Academy Summer Show and the Royal Hibernian Academy Summer Show in Dublin in 2018. It is awaiting a Planning decision.