Robin Redmond Centre

Woodberrydown, London

A project for the Capital Challenge Hackney SRB4 this involved the conversion of an old 1950’s disused and dilapidated branch library into a Community Resource Centre. This provided flexible spaces for a range of activities including social events, meetings, creche, exhibitions and performance events, computer training and homework clubs on the densely populated Woodberry Down Estate in North London.

The layout has been designed to provide different types of spaces all connected together with a re-configurable central space. The perimeter has a variety of meeting, technology and quiet rooms. Curved movable wall panels allow the central area to be fully open plan, semi enclosed of fully enclosed depending upon the activities the community centre is hosting that day. The centre was named after the much loved local policeman Robin Redmond whose energy and resolve instigated the project, and who sadly died before it was completed.

Client: London Borough of Hackney

Publication: Building Design

Photos: VIEW/Dennis Gilbert