St. Catherine’s Foyer and Sports Centre

Dublin, Ireland

This Foyer was Ireland’s first Foyer centre and consists of a 48 bed Foyer housing and training project to provide accommodation and training for young people aged 18-25 who are in housing and training need. The centre is a stepping stone to independent living and was a pilot project for Dublin City Council. The living accommodation is grouped around a south facing courtyard and provides 8 cluster groups of 6 study bedrooms with their own shared kitchen and dining facilities. Communal rooms and classrooms for training are on the ground floor. This integrates with the indoor sports centre which uses windcatchers for ventilation.

Client:Dublin City Council and Cara Housing Association Ireland

2004 RIAI Award
2004 OPUS Architecture/Construction Awards runner up
2003 Brick Award best housing project

Publications: Building Design & RIAI Journal

Photos: Paul Tierney